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Why Does Gas Cost More in Allegheny County?

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URGENT Tank Owners

Allegheny County recently sent out a letter stating that on January 1, 2017 you will have to have an annual UST inspection performed at your site by them at a cost of $450. You need to contact your local Council Member and let them know that this will be a hardship for you being a small independent operator. The bill was passed without any input from the UST community or any associations representing you. You are urged to let your voice be heard or this will be yet another yearly expense for you that will leave you open to a series of fines. It was stated that they only received one complaint. Come folks this is your lively hood!!!! We have a list of council members and their phone numbers at the office.



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Current Gas/Diesel Taxes

effective January 1, 2017


FEDERAL .184 .244
TOTAL .766 .9911
TOTAL .7782  


Types of Memberships

Regular Member: Is a member that is the owner/operator of a C-Store, Service Station, Car Wash, Gasoline Station, Repair Garage. Eligible for all benefits including voting rights.

Associate Member: Is a member that is associated or related to the industry that provides a service to the regular member. Eligible for PRARA benefits, excluding voting rights, scholarship program and ½ hour free legal assistance.

Retired Regular Member shall be anyone that who qualifies under Section 1 and has left their business.

Honorary Member: Being a member who has been extraordinary of character and has contributed greatlt to the association. They must of been a member for at least 10 years.

For further information contact the PRARA office.


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